Our Story

Born during a time where holistic orientations towards wellness were still far from being integrated into the mainstream, our founder, Sandra Bershad, experienced firsthand what it was like not to have the resources available to treat and support her numerous chronic conditions and sensitivities.

At the age of 19, after a lifetime of chronic illness, her health was quickly deteriorating with a liver disease diagnosis, high blood pressure, psoriasis, chronic sinusitis, chronic exhaustion and brain fog, migraines, immune system dysfunction, hormonal irregularities, pre-diabetes, leaky gut, irritable bowel, anxiety, sleep disorders, and depression. After exhausting many different treatments and approaches within the western medical model, Sandra knew she had to do something different and make a change fast because her life was on the line.

After discovering her first naturopath and being exposed to the concept of organic foods, Sandra began to recognize that there were other approaches to healing that she had yet to discover and slowly started to shift her lifestyle to include more natural ways of healing. She became aware of her diet and pursued further education around how the foods she was eating and chemicals she was being exposed to were wreaking havoc on her body, mind, and spirit.

 Although Sandra had already been immersed in spiritual inquiry, intuitive healing work, and mindfulness practices for over seven years, she realized there was a critical missing link integral to her healing journey; the body. Within the body was a repository of wisdom and a map to her most optimal well being just waiting to be unlocked. 

With a passion for healing and growth and deep devotion to liberating herself and others from the conditions that kept them stuck in cycles of pain and suffering, Sandra embarked on a journey to heal from the inside out. She dedicated herself to learning to decode the language of the body and deeply understanding the interconnection between the bodyemotionsmindspirit, and soul.

Sandra came to realize that the body was an outward expression of everything happening on the inner landscape and that we could use the body as a doorway to connect with and liberate our deeper emotional layers, intuition, creative essence, and authentic way of being. 

As an Intuitive Healer and Self-Mastery Guide, Sandra weaves the accumulated wisdom of her personal journey and over 16 years of experience supporting a diverse array of amazing souls on their pathways of healing into the creation of her signature wellness line. Zeva’s Wellness was created with the intention of empowering individuals with the resources and support to find their own approaches to healing, wellness, and wholeness through attuning to the wisdom of their own body

As head alchemist and formulator, Sandra channels all of her recipes intuitively and integrates deep research around how specific herbs and ingredients can be utilized to promote the body’s natural affinity for wellness. Made with love, healing intention, and in small batches, Zeva’s Wellness is committed to sourcing only the highest quality and cleanest, organic ingredients. 

At Zeva’s, we believe in love for “every body” and that the process of healing isn’t just skin deep. We also believe that living a vibrant, healthy, loving, and passionate life starts with learning to love ourselves from the inside out and nurturing every dimension of the body temple we call home. 

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